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At A Hospital Bed
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Autor:  Mia [ 25.07.2007, 08:24 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  At A Hospital Bed

At A Hospital Bed

Itís getting there

And we canít hide it

Canít deny the truth

Canít fight anymore

And itís wrong

And itís too early

And itís fucked up

And who cares

I canít speak

Donít know what the fuck to say

Not even now

Never did

Youíre changed

Rougher, aggressive

Small, vanishing

Like wafer thin paper

I made that up

Itís too poetic

No paper, no rhymes

No metrum, just you

You talk and talk

Never did that before

Plans for the future

So much ahead

And I say itís okay

Itís false hope, I know

Heartbreaking fantasies

I believe them

Forgive, make peace

I donít, I yell

I am hurt

I hurt

I smash them


No goodbyes for us

No teary scenes

No sympathy

Just fucking silence

Life in that second

Measured in breaths

In things never said

In silent I love youís

Made that up, too

I wasnít there.

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